Picture of me

Some facts about me

Name: Andreas Reischuck
Alias: arBmind
Birthday: 14. June 1979
Address: Bernhardstr. 71
01187 Dresden
Contact: Send me a message
ICQ: 119493184
Job: IT-Consultant/Developer

personal data sheet

Since March 2008 IT-Consultant for Internet-Innovations as Cofounder of the HicknHack Software GbR
Jun. 2006 - Dec. 2007 Developer at Transinsight GmbH for GoPubMed.
Oct. 1998 - Jun. 2006 Technische Universität Dresden (Diplom in Computer Science)
1995 - 1998 Gymnasium Martin Andersen Nexö (Abitur)
1992 - 1995 Sportgymnasium Dresden
1986 - 1992 24. POS Johannes R. Becher in Dresden

physical activities

1998 - 2018 active member of SSC Manos e.V., later Post Sport e.V. where I play volleyball.
1994 - 2009 active member of "Verein Kanusport Dresden" (VKD)
After I learned to drive a racing kayak stable, I switched to sprint canoe.
Among other competitions, I participated on several Elbe marathon races.
1986 - 1989 competitive swimming sport at TZ-Schwimmen
Beyond my activities in clubs, I like to drive my mountain bike though the "Dresdner Heide".



The goal of the hyperGui project is to enable web applications to behave like a common desktop application. To reach that goal we pushed both the visual appearance and responsiveness to an unseen level.

Hicknhack Students Forum

When I started studying in 1998, we had the opportunity to get bonus point for solving math homework. We started collaborating with each other and soon realized that our faculty does not provide an online platform to do this. The Forum was supposed to change that fact. It is still online attracts over 1000 visitors every day.

LAN Party Website

Because many of my friends got their fingers on PCs and played games, we started playing games together. Soon, the idea arose to arrange semi professional LAN parties, where we are able to give more players a chance to play together. The internet website and the intranet system for these LAN parties was build by myself.

university projects

During my study of computer science, I was involved in many interesting smaller and larger projects. At all the time I tried to do as much computer graphics as possible, even though I enjoyed the other subjects too. I got the opportunity to learn from 3 different computer graphics professors and work together with some very talented people. The details gives you a list of the projects worth mentioning.


During the Oskar project we realized that we (BLooD and I) lacked a reachable goal and real artists. Therefore we started to plan the game Staxion. Each player controls a little vehicle and builds a stack of items on it, the he has to collect. Every item adds some functions to the hands of the player but the higher the stack gets the more difficult it becomes to keep it balanced.


My first contact with the demoscene was through watching demos like Second Reality by Future Crew. I loved their way of treating computers as a challenge to get the best performance out of it. Out of that the wish arose to participate in the creation of such a demo. Unfortunately we managed to set our goal to high all the time and though we stumbled through the demo party deadline. Therefore, we never reached our goal to get a respectable demo released until today. But who said we have given up?

Oskar - 3d engine

Oskar was one of the biggest and most ambitious project I was involved in. It's aim was to become nothing more than the best 3d engine imaginable. The Oskar engine was deloped in several incarnations over many years. It was used in some of our game and demoscene projects.


In 1999 three combatants and myself initiated the project Skeletronic. The idea was to combine real time physical simulation, graphical presentation and artificial intelligence into a super project. The results were pretty cool for that time.

Editor for 3d models

I started this project with the desire to do something with 3d virtual worlds. After I figured out how to project 3d points to the screen, rotate them and several experiments with textures, the need of an editor arose. The editor was the biggest Turbo Pascal project, I ever wrote. It contains many tiny tricks. At that time I was really proud about what I can do.


A new classroom was built for SRZ, where the PCs were connected through a network. There was a game called "Nettank", which was quite fun to play, but had several issues. The game works like this:
  • Each player commands a little tank from a sky perspective.
  • You can shoot several rockets, which you can control though the direction of your cannon.
  • The challenge is to maneuver the rocket though the labyrinth to one of the opponents without hitting a wall or getting shot by someone else's rocket.

Schülerrechenzentrum Dresden

The Schülerrechenzentrum Dresden (SRZ) was the place I started to learn about working with computers. At the end of each year a final work (Jahresarbeit) had to be done. I took these very serious and was able to get some decent project done. With the years I passed all the basic classes and began guiding other disciples through these courses.