During the Oskar project we realized that we (BLooD and I) lacked a reachable goal and real artists. Therefore we started to plan the game Staxion. Each player controls a little vehicle and builds a stack of items on it, the he has to collect. Every item adds some functions to the hands of the player but the higher the stack gets the more difficult it becomes to keep it balanced.


We started an active search for artists in several online forums. We interviewed them and gave them precise descriptions of what we needed. The project got a new version of the Oskar engine with the new global access foundation.


Spring 2003 Development of the documentation system and ideas for games.
27. July 2003 We performed interviews with several 3d artist candidates. The kickoff meeting took place, were the game was decided and finally the project was on its way.
14. Feb. 2004 The last meeting of Staxion project. The milestone 4 was fully reached, you could drive around in a hacked together version of the game. It was multiplayer capable and you could already collect items. We were already late with this milestone, due to the lack of team motivation and missing devotion of our artist team.
13. Apr. 2004 The last commit into the repository before we officially stopped the project. No 3d artist remained active at a level, the project desired. The two programmers got stuck in difficult tasks like implementing the scripting language and the runtime environment for it.