Schülerrechenzentrum Dresden

The Schülerrechenzentrum Dresden (SRZ) was the place I started to learn about working with computers. At the end of each year a final work (Jahresarbeit) had to be done. I took these very serious and was able to get some decent project done. With the years I passed all the basic classes and began guiding other disciples through these courses.


1991 - 1992 The first courses in programming Turbo Pascal in theory and in practice
"You or Block" was the title of my final work. A text mode jump and run game, with an integrated level editor.
1992 - 1993 I took a course in electronics connected to computers
For my final work I planned to control my model railway with a PC. Unfortunately during debugging I created a short-circuit destroying most of it.
1993 - 1994 My second course in Turbo Pascal still split in theory and in practice
The final work was again a jump and run game. This time in graphics mode and some simple animations.
1994 - 1995 I took the first 3rd course in Turbo Pascal and took a special course in C++ programming.
My final work was the initial version of the "Editor for 3d models".
1995 - 1996 I guided a basic course in Pascal and took a course in programming x86 assembler, a second about graphics and network and a third about windows programming.
Even though I did many experiments I only finished the final work in assembler. It was done in team effort of all participants of the course and resulted in a cool simulator for model railways.
1996 - 1997 I guided the 2nd year course for programming with Turbo Pascal.
1997 - 1998 The course about assembler programming was guided by me.
1998 - 1999 I guided two courses: "Assembler" and "Graphics and Network".
1999 - 2002 I continued to guided the course about "Graphics and Network" programming.