In 1999 three combatants and myself initiated the project Skeletronic. The idea was to combine real time physical simulation, graphical presentation and artificial intelligence into a super project. The results were pretty cool for that time.


The entire project was done in C++, physical simulation based on a spring based model. The graphical presentation run through OpenGL and was able to present multiple animated windows. We used neuronal networks for the artificial intelligence, which was able to train hitting a basketball hoop.


1999 - 2000 We were able to submit all three parts as projects to "Jugend Forscht" and got a ticket for the state competition. Unfortunately we were not able to defend our physical simulation model there.
May 2000 We followed an invitation to the "2. Sächsischen Jugendforum für Wissenschaft und Technik"
Feb. 2001 blacksun created a website for Skeletronic.