Editor for 3d models

I started this project with the desire to do something with 3d virtual worlds. After I figured out how to project 3d points to the screen, rotate them and several experiments with textures, the need of an editor arose. The editor was the biggest Turbo Pascal project, I ever wrote. It contains many tiny tricks. At that time I was really proud about what I can do.
A short list of feature highlights:
  • exploited the unit concept of Turbo Pascal 7 to write 128kb of code
  • use of XMS memory manager, to get more storage for textures
  • 640x800 with 256 colors mouse panned graphics mode
  • complete mouse controlled graphical user interface (with floating windows and table views)
  • integrated automatic binary space partitioning (BSP) tree generation
  • faked perspective correct texture mapping
  • simple camera animation tools


June 1995 The initial version was defended as my annual final work for SRZ Turbo Pascal course.
Feb. 1996 I presented the program at the regional competition of "Jugend Forscht". I was proposed for the next round, the state competitions of Saxony.
Mar. 1996 The second round of "Jugend Forscht". While I could only win the second price, I learned a lot about present and defend a project to a jury.
Oct. 1996 I created a little demo animation for the SRZ booth at the Comtec Exposition.