My first contact with the demoscene was through watching demos like Second Reality by Future Crew. I loved their way of treating computers as a challenge to get the best performance out of it. Out of that the wish arose to participate in the creation of such a demo. Unfortunately we managed to set our goal to high all the time and though we stumbled through the demo party deadline. Therefore, we never reached our goal to get a respectable demo released until today. But who said we have given up?


Eastern 2000 We (sSXP, lightzone and myself) attended the Mekka & Symposium demoscene party in Fallingbostel, the biggest scene event of that time in central Europe. I helped an attendee to finish his little 96k game. We acquired enough inspiration to convince more friend to join the demoscene parties.
3.-5. Nov.
Dialogos in Jena was the second demo scene party, I had the luck to attend. The HicknHack representatives (sSXP, lightzone, Q, bomberman and myself) drove there entirely unprepared. When our PCs were setup, we started to chill around and waited for the fast competition to be announced. Soon we realized two thing. There wont be any fast competition. Chilling inside such a creative crowd does not lead to satisfaction. In order to do a least something, we started and released the ASC-Trix demo.
Eastern 2001 The second Mekka & Symposium I attended. We (aprok, mephisto, lightzone and myself) tried to realize a demo with a temple on a hill, where some samurai practice some fighting shadow moves. The demo never reached a quality where we start talking of releasing it. We did many experiments with effects and started to realize how hard it gets to get a polished demo.
2.-4. Nov.
The time for the next Dialogos arrived much too early. We (synopia, nowte, aprok, Q, ead, lightzone and myself) got a big demo project going on, called aTomy (Download). Even tough we tried very hard, the released version consists of a single, unfinished scene. This was really disappointing as we had put so much energy into it and got almost no result.
Eastern 2002 For the third and last Mekka & Symposium, we (aprok, Q, ead, lightzone, mephisto and myself) got a pretty effect implementation of deep water simulation from Q and tried to build a demo around it. The plan was to let a girl with cloth simulation walk the railing of the ocean liner, show some dancing performance and fireworks during sunset. Unfortunately again we crashed hard into the deadline without anything releasable.
Eastern 2003 The Breakpoint in Bingen am Rhein was initiated to fill the large gap that M&S left behind. Many of my combatants had enough of demo making. Luckily bigben of mindforce started to provide the concept and art for a new demo. This time our approach was much more organized. We (bigben, BLooD, lightzone and myself) got concept arts and timings for each planned scene, right from the beginning. The development went quite good. At the party we only had to polish some details and put everything together. Unfortunately the first night at the party turned out to be a "Freezepoint" with temperatures below 10°C. We decided to keep our fingers and stopped the demo development. During the next day we decided to make another much smaller demo, without releasing anything of the planned demo. We called it "-= The Frozen Demo =-" (Download). Even though we all swore to finish the original demo next year, we never did.
We (BLooD, nomad, lightzone and myself) attended the Breakpoint demo party and tried to find the right inspiration to launch another demo project. But until today we did not find the mood and time to do it.